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For large and small groups as well as those designed to meet the professional learning needs of diversely different organisations (e.g. a health collective; an association of celebrants; a tropical retreat for personal-development; conference of teachers and educational leaders). 

We approach the work playfully and in the enlivening of language, can discover the profound. 

Once it is practised as an imaginative discipline, seminaria poetry can become an energisingly new window into the world.  As one co-researcher put it, 


“… a tiny Velux window you can open to let some light in once a day or twice.”



The mindfulness of seminaria as a Professional Learning opportunity

My workshops are dovetailed to the needs and purpose of the particular groups I serve. (Themes and topics, problem-solving exercises e.g. aligning with Bodies of Knowledge for best practice, can be requested.)


Typically workshops of 1.5 – 2 hours comprise:

  • An introduction including the underpinning science

  • A powerpoint for visual and memory support if desired

  • Learning how to master the technique

  • Individual learning exercises

  • Group exercises with feedback

  • Consolidation and on-going support offered

Whole day or Weekend Workshops allowing for more artistic and creative processing and integration: 


  • Introduce the mindfulness of seminaria in novel ways

  • Share colourful stories from the research

  • Evidence the benefits of practice through creative participation

  • Offer fun with words through observing, writing, listening, speaking

  • Provide meaningful content (incl. movement, colour, sound) for beginners and the experienced 

  • Intersperse solo, paired, and group exercises indoors and in Nature

  • Facilitate the writing of poetry as a new way of seeing

  • Offer publication possibilities

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“There aren’t enough syllables to express my gratitude to you. I found the form itself beautiful and expressive, and I will be using it. I also found your personal style very inclusive and engaging. You had a very tight time frame for a very expansive and meditative discipline, and … I honour you for your grace and aroha.”

“I just felt absolutely gifted by the whole thing … Being there, was such a nourishment … I can’t say it any other way … Oh, I’m  so glad I was there!”    



"I’d like to thank Gaylene for her inspiring and insightful Seminaria workshops. I know it was a powerful tool that you can use anywhere, any time with huge benefits. Really enjoyed hearing all the creative words flowing from you all."


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