Gaylene Denford-Wood PhD MEd (Hons)

Gaylene, a teacher and researcher most of her professional life has also run a successful healing/therapeutic practice in the Wellington-Wairarapa region using holographic (resonance) repatterning.  Her key focus is to help people realise their own potential for self-mastery. This is now through teaching people the evidence-based Mindfulness of Seminaria – a way of using poetic form to focus, distill and discover the essence of any matter. 

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Encouraged by the various ways in which it is now being implemented in diverse social settings, and its thesis –awarded Vice-Chancellor’s prize for excellence – this website will serve as a forum for seminaria’s evolving potential. Surfacing recently are reports from those now using The Mindfulness of Seminaria (TMoS) in their workplace or for personal reflection, who find it refreshing, revealing and intriguing. How can such a simple poetic practice bring the richness of simplicity to life in the face of increasing, often daunting complexity? In a word, the Word! Language holds untold gifts of new meaning-making with potential to bring us ‘back to ourselves’ so we may be of more service to others. 

TMoS draws on a simple poetic form that, used mindfully, awakens the presence of personal insight. Seminaria, with its transformative potential for wellbeing, is deemed accessible, companionable and energizing. Once learnt and developed as a practice, seminaria becomes a simple tuning-in device, like an inbuilt Poetry App. No digital device is needed, though some people find their phones a perfect adjunct! Essentially, practitioners experience their own ‘I Am’ as a personal poetry app. to which they can turn and return reflectively – forward-focusing for solutions with concentration, calm, and creativity.  

What is Seminaria?