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My recent studies focused on teachers’ mindfulness (cognitive and contemplative) and my doctoral thesis highlights the value of the simple, poetic tuning-in device of Seminaria.


The Mindfulness of Seminaria is like an app to which teachers and leaders can turn and re-turn for solutions when stressful feelings mitigate against their calm, concentration and creativity.


This innovative research is generating widespread national and international interest as reflected in requests from educators, health professionals, 
therapists and others, for workshops and to speak at conferences.

The thesis can be downloaded here: The mindfulness of seminaria: A heuristic inquiry with teachers and leaders uncovers a poetry path to wellbeing

Its key benefits—meaningfulness and self-realisation—highlighted the versatility, vitality and potential of this mindfulness practice for attaining subjective wellbeing.


Enhancing Teacher Wellbeing Socio-poetically through the Mindfulness of Seminaria. (2017)  

International Journal on School Climate and Violence Prevention, 2(1) 65-93. 


Meditating mindfully: Teachers go within to ensure their students do not go without. (2017)

Chapter Six in T. Ditrich, R. Wiles, & W. Lovegrove (Eds.). Mindfulness and education: Research and practice (125–149). Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 

Download the pdf here


To know its wave. (2013)

In B. Curtis and Z. Meager (Eds.). A Socio-Poetic: Poems and Some Thoughts. New Zealand Sociology 28(1), Auckland University Press.  


Presented: Book Launch address for Leigh Burrows' (2021) Empowering mindfulness for women. Routledge.

2021, Glenelg, South Australia.


Presented: A measure of wellbeing: New socio-poetic findings in social work settings

Sociological Association of Aotearoa New Zealand (SAANZ)  2019 Conference, University of Auckland


Presented: Teachers’ wellbeing transformed by poetic mindfulness—What’s the research evidence?

New Zealand Association for Research in Education (NZARE) 2019 Conference, University of Canterbury


Presented (pre-workshop): Seminaria streamlines teachers’ work and creates a sense of wellbeing: What’s the research evidence?

Waldorf 100 Conference From the Inside Out, 2019 Auckland. 


Presented: Seminaria: Poetry informed from ‘the future in the past’ to inspire the present

Sociological Association of Aotearoa New Zealand (SAANZ)  2018 Conference, Victoria University of Wellington


Presented: Seminaria, socio-poetic mindfulness for teachers and leaders

New Zealand Association for Research in Education (NZARE) 2018 Conference, AUT University


Presented: Word power: Enhancing well-being socio-poetically in the face of managerialist hegemony 

Sociological Association of Aotearoa New Zealand  (SAANZ)  2017 Conference, University of Otago


Presented: A World in the Word: Enhancing well-being socio-poetically through the mindfulness of seminaria.

15th ISQOLS Annual Conference, University of Innsbruck, Austria, 2017

Abstract Booklet – Quality of Life: Towards a Better Society


Presented: A world in the word: Enhancing teacher wellbeing socio-poetically through the mindfulness of seminaria. 

Student Wellbeing and Prevention of Violence (SWAPv) Inaugural Conference, Flinders University, Adelaide, 2016


Presented PhD proposal: How does mindfulness meditation build teachers’ inner knowing and wellbeing? to Doctoral Studies Board Flinders University, Faculty of Education, Humanities & Law 2015 Adelaide, S.A.  


Presented: How Seminaria poetry with the Map of Meaning makes sense of teacher wellbeing.

Map of Meaning International, First Symposium, 21-22 Nov. 2015 Auckland, New Zealand.


Presented: A World in the Word:  How teachers used a socio-poetic application of Mindfulness and discovered a creative IT-free App. Flinders Educational Futures Research Institute (FEFRI) Turnaround Pedagogies, Adelaide, 2014.


Presented: Meditating mindfully: Teachers who go within to ensure the Students don’t go without.

International Conference on Mindfulness, Education and Transformation, Wollongong, NSW, 2014.


Poster presented: Teachers’ Mindfulness-Meditation: Investigating principles of a practice-based research

At Deakin University Arts and Education Summer School Feb. 2014, Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

At Mind & Life Institute International Symposium for Contemplative Studies, Oct.–Nov. 2014 Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 

At Flinders Educational Futures Research Institute (FEFRI) Turnaround Pedagogies, 2014, Adelaide, S.A.