Connection & Gratitude

Bali Friends
Bali Friends



Bali Friends
Bali Friends



Too busy

To write to you 

Seminaria or three

Peace descends again.

I have time

To thank.

Thank you

For this new

Opening in life

And the peace that comes with it,

Awareness also

Of rhythm

And words.

For now

Words become

A source of focus

And increasing consciousness

I notice anew

Building blocks

Of life.

I love how people often share with me, poems that emerge from a new relationship that’s developed from writing Seminaria. The three above you’ll see are sequential. They came out of the blue from someone who has found that the mindfulness of her seminaria practice is reaping rewards.


This approach is a socio-poetic one where poems that express gratitude to others, or to something greater – perhaps an overarching presence we may feel – as well as the self-empowering poems that you find revitalising, can be shared.  Please feel welcome to post your poems on the Creative Seminaria homepage here