Orderly pace and space to create


Arm swinging

Creates lemniscates

Kirlian photography 

Shows this rhythmical



I love walking yet can find it hard when busy, not to regard it as a luxury. Its rhythmical movement we know is quintessential to wellbeing.  Walking, we can arrive in the present moment with every step, peacefully, joyfully, regardless of any stresses we may be facing. To be mindful of this is to be fully present in mind and body, bringing harmony to our intentions and actions and in our attitude with those around us.


Whilst walking day after day for 29 days across Northern Spain, I learned to enjoy each step, appreciating the solid ground beneath as the landscape kept unfolding with its overarching skies.  When the road rose steeply before me, I devised a way of managing mountains! Breathing more consciously, I would climb the same number of steps as my age. Stop … turn slowly 360 degrees, breathing in the beauty in its diminishing detail below. Before I knew it, there was the summit! The steepness once dreaded, conquered, one step at a time. 


When out walking now, words can come. Sometimes they want to form themselves into a seminaria with a bit of help from me. The ‘between’ spaces can be full of surprises. I invite you to add your own 'walking-out' poems and images on the Creative Seminaria homepage here

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